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How many variations of set up with WeatherWorx?

The 10’ x 14’ canopy can be adjusted in 12” increments.

What comes with the base unit of WeatherWorx?

The box, canopy, 12V power supply and inverter, 2 surge protectors with 4 plugs each, and 4 USB connectors.

What Does the WeatherWorx Systems Weigh?

The WeatherWorx unit weighs in at at just under 25 lb.’s which makes it very convenient to transfer from one use to another.

  • Light weight- 25lbs
Is the unit on the website the actual unit?

No. The unit on the website is a prototype that was built for videos and demonstration purposes.

How different will the unit be compared to the prototype?

There will be some minor differences. The unit may have a few different curves and the color may be different. The size and weight will be the same.

What is the canopy made of? Is the canopy all different colors?

The highest quality material is used for the canopy.  70 Denier Ripstop nylon with PVC coating with UV protection and it is fire retardant. No the canopy will be one solid color and we are working with the reps to get the most user friendly neutral color that will hold up to the punishing sun the longest.

What are the pole structures made of?

Aluminum alloy which is lightweight but extremely rigid and strong.

How does the electrical work?

There is a 12V battery in the base of the unit with a 1000W power inverter to run anything from charging a phone to running a table saw. The rear of the unit can be recharged by simply plugging it in to a power cord.

How much weight can you put on the dolly?

Approximately 100 lbs.

How difficult is it to install additional accessories?

There are easy knock-outs within the unit that come out and the Weatherworx Systems accessory will snap into place.

How portable is the unit?

The unit is light weight and has sturdy wheels. It can be rolled into position whether the canopy is inside the box or full deployed.

How long does it take to set up WeatherWorx Systems?

Approximately 15 seconds for set-up.

Does WeatherWorx Systems offer a Guarantee?

Yes. WeatherWorx Systems come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty conditions on the unit for under normal working conditions.

What keeps the WeatherWorx Systems secure in windy conditions?
  • Stabilizing Outriggers
  • Self Supporting Auger
  • Adjustable Tethers
What is the unit made of?

Plastic injection with aluminum brackets internally for the strongest possible base that is lightweight.

Are the wheels plastic?

No, the wheels are high quality pneumatic (rubber with knobby) for smooth transportation over any terrain.

How long will the battery last?

If you have a full charge and no source to plug in you could run a laptop, several phones, a fan etc. for about 8 hours. This may vary depending on the components being uses such as a table saw would require more power which may run the battery down faster. However you can fully recharge the unit in about 1-2 hours.


Do I have to set up fully every time if I only need quick sun or wind blocker?

No. You simply set up to the desired size and simply pull slack out and use the 2 Weatherworx  Systems clip on cinchers.

How adjustable is the canopy?

Extremely. It can be as low as 30 inches and as high as 96 inches, and adjusts in 12 inch increments. The canopy stays attached at 4 points at all times for very easy set up and take down.

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Weatherworx Systems hope that you appreciate the problem solving and ease of our product.  To ensure a high quality product, during the design, development and manufacturing of the product we invested in quality material to create a product that is durable and made in the USA. Our product is built to last so you can continue to have portable and easy to set up experience for years to come.  Thank you for your interest in Weatherworx Systems. We hope to provide you with years of enjoyment.

The Weatherworx Systems Team

Saul, Amy, Jeremy

Kickstarter Campaign Information

About this project

The creation and purpose I realized as I moved forward with this idea grew in so many ways. I realized the broad spectrum the difference this product could make in so many lives. I spoke with people every day and would ask them if they owned or ever set up a quick set up canopy. The response was unanimous across the board. Every person said the same thing. “I love the canopy but don’t use it because it is a nightmare to carry, set up and put away.” I realized at this point I must do this and figure out a system in which people could be outside at any gathering of people like a music or film festival, cookout, concert, football tailgaters, craft fairs and the list goes on forever. I had the epiphany that I could touch so many lives and create so much less stress for anyone wanting to socialize and get together with no worries of being under cover comfortable with friends, family and any and all situations outside. I hope that when people see this project they truly see the capabilities and the unbelievable effortless system in which I created.The creation and design of this system was difficult, I have built 140 prototypes over a 41/2 yr. period because there were many factors to overcome. The specifications of the product such as (Size) 24 inches tall,16 inches wide and 16 inches deep. (Weight) 29 lbs. (Functionality)An offsetting tarp system to cover 140 square ft. (Stability) A unit that could withstand anything less than perfect weather conditions. I had to submit and received a patent in the United States #8978678. I also filed a PCT(patent cooperative treaty) which is the first step in obtaining an international patent now I have to choose the certain countries in which it would be relevant to obtain a patent in those countries. The reason for this funding campaign is for the final stages of engineering, have a professionally manufactured product, and to obtain the international patent.  After creating so many products I finally got to the point where I was happy with the product and felt that any person that bought a unit would feel like it is easy and user friendly. I didn’t do this sooner because I needed to know that I did every single thing within my power and ability before letting the professionals and technology finish off the look with the proper materials and the mechanics of it to be completely effortless. I have to mention a few key people that without them I would not be at this point. Ruth Tofanelli was there for me to stitch all my tarps. Ruth was there to help for no financial gain, she loved the concept and thought of the high school bands that she worked with and how the rain hit them every year and she said this was the answer.Jeff Freund the son of Todd Freund who owns artful canvas in St. Petersburg,Florida which is a much sought after canvas company let us come into his shop and Jeff would weld aluminum all night for us with no mention of money just because he wanted to help and said every guy that worked for him will have Weatherworx unit because it was the answer to the relentless sun and the portability was key on boat docks where a normal 4 legged canopy could not even be set-up .Jeremy Clark who is my cousin which I am very proud to say, was the key to the success of the Weatherworx Systems. He spent many days and nights side by side with me building and rebuilding prototypes.  I could go on forever but you will know from the website he is on the team and ready and willing to help at any cost like myself. The funding will get me to manufacturing however over funding will help drive the cost of the product down.This is my intention so it is possible for everyone to own one.

Risks and challenges

The only risk or challenge is overcoming the cost effectiveness for 100% American made because I really want to make this affordable for everyone. The way America is set up they almost force you to manufacture overseas. It is my intentions to make this a whole new industry and drive prices down so we can have more success stories and bring back what America was built on. Hard work,integrity and also jobs for American men and women.I am really hoping for a huge campaign that gets over funded because this will drive the price down and make it much easier for 100% American made. I CAN PROMISE THIS! I AM UP FOR THE CHALLENGE, I WILL NOT GIVE UP AND I WILL NEVER SELL OUT!!!

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