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Canopy Features

  • 10’×14′ Canopy when fully deployed.
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Transport With Ease

  • 10” pneumatic rubber wheels.
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Portable Power

  • 12V Power supply with inverter.
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Surge Protection

  • Surge Protectors for Safety.
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USB Convenience

  • 4 Convenient USB ports.
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Simplistic Storage

  • Single person set up and take down.
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Versatile Canopy

  • Multiple position and settings for canopy.
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Universal Deployment

  • Portable and is easy to reposition when fully deployed.
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About WeatherWorx

Product details and features.

  • Light weight- 25lbs
  • 10x14 Canopy when fully deployed
  • 10” pneumatic rubber wheels
  • 12V Power supply with inverter
  • Surge Protectors
  • 4 USB ports
  • Single person set up and take down
  • Multiple position and settings for canopy
  • Portable unit and canopy while easy to adjust or re-position when fully deployed
  • Operates as a dolly unit for convenience
  • Rugged exterior for all weather conditions

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Areas to easily install additional add - on accessories created for Weather Works Systems:
  • Heater
  • Fan/Mister
  • Toolbox
  • Fish and tackle box
  • Lights
  • Bluetooth speakers and tuner
  • Cooler
  • Fishing Rod Holders
  • Tent Conversion Kit ( Sidewalls)

Made in the USA

USA Patent and PCT (International)

Product Details

Originally created for construction this versatile product can be used in any situation where weather is a factor. Weather Works Systems can be used at the beach, a soccer game, a picnic at the park or any other situation where the sun and rain can make for a less than pleasurable experience. Weatherworx Systems solves all of these problems and more by offering a product that is easy-to-use, lightweight and sturdy. It has many features, such as Bluetooth speakers and an overhead light, that can help ensure an enjoyable experience wherever you may be.

Investors Interested in WeatherWorx

Weatherworx Systems is currently looking for investors. We are passionate about our product and would like to be involved with the entire process from beginning to distribution.  This product is innovative and has endless opportunity for growth.  We have a completed working prototype with 3D CAD’s for all the parts. US patent pending #8978678 and a PCT (patent cooperative treaty) for an international patent has been put in place with the same filing date as the United States.  If interested in investing in this product, please contact us at the link below:

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